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Eyebrow transplants: All about the procedure loved by Chrissy Teigen! – The South African

Chrissy Teigen gets an eyebrow transplant
Image via Instagram
Brow wow! Chrissy Teigen and other stars are fans of eyebrow transplants. Here is everything you need to know about the cosmetic procedure.
Chrissy Teigen gets an eyebrow transplant
Image via Instagram
Eyebrow transplants: Everything you need to know about the procedure loved by Chrissy Teigen and more!
Chrissy Teigen debuted a set of bold new brows this week, and it’s all thanks to a new procedure called eyebrow transplants.
Two months after showing off more chiselled cheekbones thanks to buccal fat removal, the model and TV personality completed her transformation with full and fluffy eyebrows
And unlike microblading or permanent make-up, Chrissy’s brows were created from hair from her own head!
Chrissy Teigen took to IG to reveal she was getting an eyebrow transplant ✨
Hair transplants are no longer just for your head – eyebrow transplants have become the newest buzzworthy beauty procedure. After all they frame your face and restore instant volume
“The procedure involves taking a hair follicle from the back of the scalp and transplanting the hair gently – with the right angle, and the right curve – into the eyebrow,” says plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif of the TV show Botched.
The actual transplant using the NeoGraft requires no stitches and the results are seen relatively quickly.
He adds: “With the NeoGraft technique, your doctor will pull out the hair units one by one from the back of the head and then they will make a small slit in the brows and then manually, with forceps, they will place the follicular hair unit into the slit they made.”
Chrissy Teigen reveals she had eyebrow hair transplant
Like any other cosmetic procedure, optimal and realistic results are usually achieved on candidates who meet the critieria.
For eyebrow transplants, this include people with;
If you guys recall, Meagan Good got an eyebrow transplant 3 years ago
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The good news is that eyebrow transplants are a permanent or long-term solution for sparse brows. The recovery period after the procedure is also relatively quick.
The bad news is that you may require a touch up in the future as hairs may fall out or fade.
The goal of this procedure is to transfer healthy hair from one part of your head to another part of your head. In some cases, people prefer to have a hair transplant on another part of their body, such as their eyebrows or beard.
Firstly, the procedure can be very pricey – according to Medhair, they can cost between R8500 to R15 000 depending on the number of grafts needed.
Secondly, there is a risk that the procedure can be unsuccessful and that transplanted hair and follicles will fall out or not take.
And then there are the complications which can include;
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