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Updo Or Half-Up Like Dhvani Bhanushali: How You Like To Glam Your Locks For A Special Occasion? – IWMBuzz

You’d think that calming pastels and vibrant splashes of color would dominate the sartorial roost during the scorching summer months. While this is typically true, Dhvani Bhanushali is not one of them. The young singer is recognized for her voice, which is capable of producing popular vocals, but her distinctive style is also worth mentioning.

Dhvani donned a rich purple attire that included a ruched bralette and a matching little skirt with draping purple strips in her most recent shot. She wore a choker necklace, braided hair, and dangling earrings with it. Bhanushali’s pick of the autumn-favorite jewel tone makes this an even more bold wardrobe option. We like those who take fashion risks.

Dhvani Bhanushali appears to have a liking for current fashion trends. When she donned a feathery little dress with a strapless white bodice and silver shoes, her stylists made her seem like Elsa. She’d be first in line for a sleek remake of Frozen.

When she donned white high waist jeans with a bright pink crop top for her trip, she looked hotter than ever. The holiday ensemble was completed with a black snapback cap that screamed summer cool.

There was also the moment when her clothing practically spelled summer. We couldn’t think of a finer outfit for summer days than an off-shoulder ruffled shirt and a little skirt with yellow and white flower designs.
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