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10 1980's Movie Characters With Hairstyles We're Still Not Over – Screen Rant

The 1980s was a time of wild hairstyles, and many of them made their way into the best films of the decade.
The 1980s was a special time, full of optimism, excitement… and outrageous hairstyles. Aqua Net and hair metal were the principal cultural motivators of the time, and that ended up spilling over into Hollywood movies, where characters sported some over-the-top hairdos. Though many of these hairstyles were signatures of the decade, others were unique only to specific films.
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With so many ’80s franchises being rebooted in the modern age, including both Ghostbusters and Dune, filmmakers are also including more contemporary fashion choices and hairstyles, leaving their original counterparts in the past. Though they represent a new take on existing characters, some nostalgic fans still enjoy the 1980s originals.
David Bowie was no stranger to unique hairstyles and outfits by the time he starred in Labyrinth, but this one is definitely one of the wildest of the 1980s. The teased hair and face-framing bangs were a more amplified signature of the styles of the time, featured heavily in glam rock videos that Bowie helped pioneer.
The hairstyle is paired well with Jareth’s eccentric wardrobe, giving him a wicked edge that makes Bowie stand out in the role. It also lends itself well to Jareth’s playful side, showcased during his several pop music-inspired numbers.
Big hair and a mullet was Martin Riggs’ signature hairstyle in Lethal Weapon, and it was a sharp contrast to the kind of short cuts that actor Mel Gibson sported in the ’80s, beginning with The Road Warrior. Many movie characters sported similar hairdos as Riggs, until it became more fashionable to adopt a tidy cut.
It did fit with Riggs’ personality as a carefree guy, and the character would sport variations of this style until Lethal Weapon 4, when he finally adopted a shorter, and less ferocious trim.
Grace Jones is remembered as a standout actress, performer, and model of the 1980s, and part of that had a lot to do with her outgoing personality, and high fashion hairstyles. She showed off her asymmetrical flattop in the 007 film A View To A Kill, opposite Roger Moore, giving her a strong and aggressive look that played well into her conflicted character.
The hairstyle was mimicked somewhat in Conan the Destroyer, and has been a signature part of her look for decades. Jones kept the style for years, modifying it only slightly over the course of the subsequent years.
Mr. Kidd adopts this infamously odd hairstyle in the Sean Connery 007 film Diamonds Are Forever, where he plays an assassin who, along with his partner Mr. Wint, attempts to take out Bond on a cruise liner during the final act.
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The goldilocks mane goes bald on the top of the head, leaving only a fuzzy patch of leftover hairs, and flanked by a mini-handlebar mustache. Both Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint are two of the oddest behaving assassins in 007 history, and this hairstyle certainly adds to the unorthodox nature of the former.
Sting portrayed Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the original 1985 film version of Dune, and it remains one of the wildest of the decade. Essentially, it’s a wildly unkempt variation of a spiked hairstyle with a wavy bounce, designed to make Feyd-Rautha stand out in a scene.
Nowadays, variations of this hairstyle still exist in certain corners of pop culture, but not to this extreme. It was largely a take on the punk rock popularity of the mid-80s, which itself was a rebuke to the kind of teased big hairstyles of glam rock bands like Poison and Twisted Sister.
This particular hairstyle is memorable for an entirely different reason, particularly due to how it made Vicki Vale such an influential character in Gotham City. Her impossibly long mane undergoes several minor transformations throughout the 1989 Batman film, each time playing up her late 80s vogue fashion sense.
The most notable of the bunch is the style she has during the encounter with the Joker in the art museum, which is elegant enough to capture his attention when he finally sits down and tries to woo the character. As a photojournalist influenced by the high fashion of the time period, Vale’s hairstyle is an elegant contrast to the kinds of brutal pictures she took in various war-torn hotspots across the world.
Troubled teen Taryn White goes up against Freddy Krueger in the dream world in this Nightmare installment, after creating a powerful persona for herself, based on her inner confidence. That also includes a very aggressive hairstyle designed to showcase her tough girl attitude.
Dressed in leather with two switchblades at her side, Taryn steps out with an impossibly tall mohawk that is taller in the back, than it is in front. It’s a memorable hairstyle that evokes a lot of power, but sadly, Taryn would fall victim to her own fears, and die at Krueger’s hands.
Lost Boys vampire David Powers epitomizes the rebelliousness of 1980s youth culture with a near-platinum blond style so radical, it remains time-locked in the decade. Few, if any characters have adopted it in recent films; even those that do take place in the 1980s.
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The spiked mane itself is stylish enough, even by today’s standards, but it’s undone by a mullet in the back, which offsets the overall look. It doesn’t do much to lessen Powers’ ominous presence or personal style, but the mullet does not work in the character’s favor.
There have been many film versions of Medusa over the years, but the 1980s depiction in Clash of the Titans remains the most iconic, visceral, and creepy. When Perseus and his men arrive at Medusa’s lair, they are set upon by the horrifying Titan, who begins to slay them one by one.
The stop motion animation is a signature theme in the film, and somehow it gives Medusa’s live snake hairstyle an added touch of creepiness. This, combined with the use of dark shadows, dim lighting, and creepy sound effects made her a terrifying monster.
Clubber Lang’s hairstyle was the signature look of tough-guy actor Mr. T, and he has never really retired it. The perfectly sculpted mohawk, thick beard, and high-rise sideburns gave him quite an intimidating look, making for one of the most memorable villains in the Rocky franchise.
In Rocky III, Lang uses this hairstyle as a means of showing off his hyper-aggressive tough guy personality. To audiences, it’s hard to imagine anyone except Mr. T being even remotely capable of pulling off this kind of hairstyle, which is why he’s kept it for so long.
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