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Grandfather Shows The Ultimate Support For His Granddaughter's Budding Hair Business – Because of Them We Can

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2nd December 2021 by BOTWC Staff
Pop Pop understood the assignment!
A grandfather showed the ultimate support for his granddaughter’s budding hair business. 
Recently, 21-year-old A’lea Lynn, who goes by username @Aleaweea on social media, took to her pages to share the progress she’s been making with her budding hair business. 

She regularly creates video content to highlight her hair skills, reviewing various wigs and giving step-by-step instructions on installs and customization tips and tricks. Recently, A’lea took to social media to post a video from one of her avid supporters, her grandfather, who allowed her to practice one of her wig installs on him, and the results were fabulous!
A post shared by 𝐀’𝐋𝐄𝐀🤎🧸 (@aleaweea)
In the video, her grandfather first looks puzzled as A’lea pulls out a wig cap to begin the transformation. She then goes through the install as she would any other client, applying the wig over the cap, laying the glue foundation to melt the lace, cutting and shaping and of course, perfecting the baby hairs. The finished product was a curly unit that would give most a run for the money. Many viewers commented on how great A’lea’s skills were. Her grandfather agreed, ending the video with a resounding thumbs up! 
Poppy the stallion @aligracehair_1 purrrr
Apparently, this isn’t the first time Pop Pop has sat down with A’lea for a quick makeover, she also posted an early January 2021 video of her grandfather in another wig unit. Clearly, he’s dedicated not only to supporting her dreams but also supporting her wallet, as the videos have gone viral and more than likely brought in an influx of business for the young stylist. A’lea took to social media to thank everyone for the support and to say how appreciative she is of all her grandfather does for her.
“Thank you guys for all the positive comments!! Still grateful that he allows me to practice my craft on him lol. Some of y’all may remember last year when I first practiced on him [because] his bald head is the perfect canvas! He’s always a good sport and we love creating these memories together! My grandfather and I really appreciate all the love!,” she wrote. 
To keep up with A’lea’s work or support her business, follow her on Instagram @Aleaweea. 
Photo Courtesy of @Aleaweea/Instagram
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