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Hairstyle campaign to boost MYTIME Young Carers – mags4dorset

Charity | Posted on December 1st, 2021 | return to news
After the huge success of last year, MYTIME Young Carers is back again with weird and wonderful hairstyles for its national Hair2Care campaign. The Dorset-based charity supporting children and young people caring for family members, is on a mission to make sure the 700,000 young carers in the UK get the appreciation they so deserve. On 18 February MYTIME is again asking people to do something different with their hair to show they care – the bolder the better.
Penelope Day, fundraising director at the charity said: “We know that young carers provide invaluable support to their families, but lots of people don’t realise how much they really do, because it happens behind closed doors. Lots of young careers can feel isolated, invisible and lonely because they don’t have much time to see friends or because they don’t feel they can talk about their responsibilities. So, we launched Hair2Care to give young people a day all about them, to show them that people see what they do and appreciate their hard work. And what better way to do that and make sure young carers are seen, than with the brightest, boldest hairstyles possible.”
Last year, MYTIME’s Hair2Care campaign saw thousands of people across the country doing whacky and wonderful things with their hair, from mohawks to coloured wigs, all to shine a light on the work young carers do day in and day out.
The charity is encouraging everyone at schools, offices, hairdressers, or anywhere else to get involved and share their hairstyles on social media with the #hair2care. Penelope said: “The last Hair2Care day was fantastic, we had gravity-defying cola bottle ponytails, glittered beards, and every hair colour in the rainbow. The message for 2022 really is, be bold. Maybe even go bald, like MYTIME’s trustee chairman did last year when he shaved his head. Anything goes.”
To get involved in the Hair2Care campaign, simply share a photo of your hair on 18 February on social media with #hair2care and donate to MYTIME if you can. Donations can be made via text: to donate £1, text HAIR to 70201; to donate £5, text HAIR to 70970 or to donate £10, text HAIR to 70191. To find out more about MYTIME Young Carers, visit
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