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WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from November 30 – Bleacher Report

With NXT WarGames on the horizon, the November 30 edition of WWE NXT 2.0 was the final step in gaining a necessary advantage before entering the unforgiving steel.
Kay Lee Ray added her name to the women's WarGames clash as well as the WarGames Advantage Ladder Match. She would fight Dakota Kai for the opportunity to get a necessary team advantage in the cage.
Bron Breakker made his statement by calling for WarGames in the growing battle of the past and future of NXT. Two men would step into the WarGames Advantage Ladder Match, determined by an online vote.
Imperium set a challenge to Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner as well as Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. The duo wanted these potential challengers to fight it out in order to determine the next team to face Marcel Bartel and Fabian Aichner at NXT WarGames
Before his match against Roderick Strong for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, Joe Gacy held the all-inclusive invitational. He had no limitation on who he would fight.
Cameron Grimes was itching for a fight after losing his hair to Duke Hudson. Andre Chase talked his way into that fight that The Technical Savage planned to use as a warmup for NXT WarGames.
While NXT 2.0 always delivers more than promised, the big matches were certain to be the highlights of this go-home event.
The two women's teams met on the stage, beginning a brawl that ended with Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray alone in the ring. KLR took an early lead with a superkick. The Captain of Team Kick responded with an inverted DDT on the steel steps.
Ray grabbed a ladder only to get cut off by Kai. KLR responded with a suicide dive and a slam on the ladder. By the time Ray was able to get that ladder set in the ring, Kai had recovered enough to send KLR hard into the ladder.
The Captain of Team Kick trapped KLR in the turnbuckle then hit a double foot stomp that hobbled Ray. Kai went after her right knee from there, hoping to make sure she couldn't climb the ladder. KLR responded with a KLR Bomb on the announce table.
Ray limped up the ladder, giving Kai enough time to catch up. The two traded forearms. The Captain of Team Kick won that exchange and hit a double foot stomp off the ladder.
Ray caught her in the ladder rungs then hit a superkick that knocked out Kai. KLR climbed the ladder and brought down the briefcase.
KLR def. Kai to earn the advantage in the WarGames match for her team.
Unsurprisingly, this was really good. KLR is one of the best women's wrestlers on the roster, proved throughout her NXT UK Women's Championship run. She has not gotten a chance to show it in NXT 2.0 until now.
She was in control of this fight, sending Kai reeling with her fast, impactful offense. It was hard to predict who would win, but Ray needed a big moment to cement her impact for the women's team.
While it is usual for the heels to have the advantage in WarGames, NXT uses this match type too often to always tell the same story. The faces will look to divide and conquer against Toxic Attraction.
Grizzled Young Veterans tried to pick the lock on Josh Briggs' locker room, but Kushida and Ikemen Jiro found them and were too loud, allowing Briggs and Brooks Jensen to catch the British villains in the act.
Cameron Grimes was stomped into the mat early by Andre Chase as his students cheered him on. However, The Technical Savage found his second wind and hit the Cave-In for a quick victory.
Duke Hudson appeared to show off a series of photos for what he wanted to do to Grimes after defeating him in their Hair vs. Hair match. He promised to shave him bald. The Technical Savage promised the same and almost gave Hudson a preview with Chase. Luckily, The Professor's student saved him.
Grimes def. Chase by pinfall.
Grimes vs. Chase went as expected. It was a perfectly fine squash match. However, the segment did not end there. The embarrassing Photoshop of Grimes with different haircuts was terrible, par for the course WWE comedy.
It would have been best to just let the two men speak for themselves. The crowd was doing the heavy lifting in showing its vitriol toward Hudson. Both just needed to play off that crowd energy and announce they'd shave each other bald at the end of their match.
The commentary team announced that Johnny Gargano would represent Team NXT. Team NXT 2.0 headed to the ring. Carmelo Hayes talked down Johnny Wrestling before Grayson Waller got in his shots at LA Knight.
Bron Breakker warned Tommaso Ciampa that his team would make a statement then he'd take the NXT Championship. Finally, Tony D'Angelo warned Pete Dunne that he would put him in the ground.
It was announced that Breakker would take the spot in the ladder match against Gargano. Johnny Wrestling arrived and asked that the big man leave his team behind for the main event clash. Breakker accepted the challenge.
This should have been better than it was. The young charismatic stars were far too scripted. Every man had the same structure to his one-paragraph promo, pointing out the one man each would focus on beyond WarGames.
This was a chance to give this team character. Instead, it just made them all feel generic. Breakker struggled through this especially, and he was the man that needed to stand out the most.
MSK finally found The Shaman, though his face was still not revealed just yet. Legado del Fantasma talked up their guaranteed win against Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner.
Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza quickly isolated and teamed up on KOR. Xyon Quinn arrived to stare down Elektra Lopez and Santos Escobar. Quinn and Escobar brawled into the back, followed by Lopez.
While Wagner got a tag into the match, Mendoza just had to change strategy, hobbling the big man that chopping him at the knee. KOR recovered enough to get back into the fight, trading heated strikes with Wilde.
Wagner saved his partner from a close call with Legado del Fantasma's team finisher, and the two hit a massive high-low clothesline/leg sweep combination to win.
Imperium explained backstage that they were not impressed by this new team. Wagner and KOR got in Marcel Bartel and Fabian Aichner's faces.
KOR and Wagner def. Legado del Fantasma by pinfall to earn a title match at NXT WarGames.
Wilde and KOR had a great sequence in the middle of this match that was the only heated moment in this match. The rest was perfectly fine, but it just never felt like the two teams with plenty of story behind them got on the same page.
The right team took the victory. Wagner and KOR have the story to tell with Imperium. It should be a good match that gives Wagner his best spotlight yet. Imperium should not lose, but it should be a hard-fought battle.
Tiffany Stratton dictated another diary of her mindset as a rich girl with a rich dream.
Joe Gacy introduced everyone to his all-inclusive invitational where he had three separate opponents that were not defined by size, height or gender. His smallest opponent was taken out quickly with a powerbomb. He prepared for his female competitor when Diamond Mine arrived.
A fight broke out between Gacy and Roderick Strong that ended with Gacy's handspring springboard clothesline before Harland pulled his ally to safety.
Gacy def. local competitor #1 by pinfall; Gacy vs. local competitor #2 goes to a no contest.
It is growing increasingly confusing to determine what the point of this entire story is. Gacy is taunting Strong into a fight so that he can capture gold, but the crowd has no reason to root for either man in the rivalry.
WWE teased intergender wrestling, but it was not delivered. If WWE is going to tease something that is completely normal outside WWE as shocking, the company should at least deliver more often than it has on that promise.
All of this was just awkward, and it is terrifying to think about what Gacy would do after winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.
Edris Enofe talked about his military history and the need to prove his doubters wrong. Solo Sikoa tried to show some respect to his opponent before they fought, but a struggling Boa interrupted, asking for something in Mandarin that Sikoa did not understand.
Solo took the early lead, but Enofe fought back with a diving crossbody. Enofe went for a 450 splash, forcing the Samoan star to roll away. Solo sealed the win with a Samoan drop and diving splash.
After the bell, Boa attacked. Enofe helped Solo fight him off, and the two shared a moment of respect.
Solo def. Enofe by pinfall.
NXT 2.0 put over this match as a potential showcase of two young stars, but it was really a squash. Solo remains undefeated. Enofe got to show a couple moves, but unless he and Solo are going to form a tag team, he gained nothing from this moment.
It is a good idea to pair Solo and Boa as two stars potentially on the rise for NXT. This rivalry can continue rebuild the future of NXT 2.0. Solo is also talented enough to help elevate Boa's game.
The hospital called Indi Hartwell to advise her that Dexter Lumis had left the hospital unexpectedly. This distracted Indi as she walked into her tag team match with her best friend.
Indi got beat down early, almost forced to submit to a Boston crab. She saw her friend in the corner and found enough strength to tag out. Pirotta turned it around quickly, using her power to take a win with an F5.
Pirotta and Indi def. Leon and Feroz by pinfall.
This was the same story as always. Indi is struggling to keep her focus. Pirotta is a dominant powerhouse, who can dominate many of the NXT competition on her own. The team will be great once Indi can find her focus with a health Lumis returning.
The match did not show anything new with Pirotta nor show that Leon and Feroz have much of a future in NXT. The two have played the role of glorified enhancement talent for months without showing more than a few new moves outside of 205 Live.
Draco Anthony promised to make his actions speak louder than anyone in NXT's words when he arrived.
Bron Breakker took over this match early, throwing around Johnny Gargano without giving him room to breathe. Johnny Wrestling had a strategy to daze the big man and climb quickly. However, Breakker was also deceptively fast.
Gargano had to use the ladder and the announce table to wear down his bigger opponent, even sending Breakker off the ladder all the way to the outside. Breakker went for a diving elbow on Gargano and landed on the ladder instead.
Both men were clearly hobbled after a brutal series of impacts with steel, but both men refused to give up. Gargano planted him with a series of superkicks, but Breakker responded right back with a Frankensteiner.
Johnny Wrestling and Breakker battled to the top of the ladder where Gargano hit him in the face with the briefcase. Before Gargano could reach up through, Breakker pulled the veteran down for a military press powerslam that allowed him to head to the top for the win.
All eight men then filled the ring in a brawl that continued as the show went off the air.
Breakker def. Gargano to earn the advantage in the WarGames match for her team.
Gargano is Mr. NXT. He is the heart and soul in WWE's attempt to build new stars. He just gave Breakker his best match to date, his first truly great showing. It made the big man look like an absolute main event player in a contest that could have fit on any WWE show at any time.
This was a top notch contest to set the stage for WarGames. It is clear that NXT 2.0 is starting to find its footing with fresh characters and stories. It is the perfect time for the first big NXT event with those top young stars shining.
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