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This Season's Hair Colour Trends Are For the Bold, Because Why Not End the Year With a Bang? – POPSUGAR Australia

When millions of people are staring at their reflections through a matrix of pixels on Google Hangouts every day, it’s only a matter of time before those square boxes begin to inform the next big trends — even when it comes to the hair colors this winter. It is 2021, after all, a year where the key to survival is expecting the unexpected.
“Obviously, there will always be your basic colors — your reds, your browns, and your blonds — but what we’re seeing now is more of those ‘trend’ colors,” said master stylist Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi salons in NYC. (Translation: those bold, bright hues you might have otherwise been too hesitant to try in seasons past.) “The reason behind this is that people are thinking, I’m at home; nobody’s really seeing me; I’m on Zoom calls all day; what better time to experiment and put some pink streaks in my hair? We’re seeing more of those types of experimental hair colors right now because it’s fun and you can get away with it. Why not?”
Chassidy Mickale Woods, hairstylist and ORS Haircare consultant, echoed that sentiment. “Bold colors aren’t getting the side-eye like they used to and self-expression is much more acceptable,” she added. “People want to make sure their profile is being noticed, especially now when most work is done virtually, or to have more playful hair while they are out wearing their mask. I see clients taking advantage of this time to experiment with their look.”
What might that look like in the coming months, exactly? According to Tricomi and Woods, this includes more saturated shades like blue and pink (and more), in varying depth and boldness. Both recommend trying a temporary color before going in for the real deal to reference it against your skin tone; Woods likes the ORS Color Blast Temporary Hair Waxes ($10) for that reason. When you’re going the permanent route, though, seek the help of a pro: “You will always get a better color job at a salon — first because you have a professional doing it, and second, they know how to work with the products in a more meaningful way,” said Tricomi.
If you’re looking for a little inspiration (or could just use a break before your 6 p.m. work call) we’re breaking down the four hair trends worth bringing to the salon this winter. Just remember: “Have fun with your color,” said Woods. “It’s just hair.”
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