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'The Bold and the Beautiful': Fans Hate Taylor's Wig – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The Bold and the Beautiful can’t stop talking about Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). Allen replacing Hunter Tylo in the iconic role is a huge story in the soap opera community. While Allen’s doing a phenomenal job with her performance, fans focus more on the actor’s hairdo.
Allen made her The Bold and the Beautiful debut as Taylor on Dec. 10. Reaction toward Allen was positive, with many viewers applauding her performance. While Allen’s performance was a hit, the same couldn’t be said for her hair. Allen wore a wig to capture Taylor’s look upon being cast in the role.
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However, the actor’s effort at recreating the character’s appearance is backfiring. On Twitter, fans can’t stop talking about the ridiculous wig. “Why the wig? Couldn’t Taylor come back with a new hairstyle? Women change their hair all the time,” wrote one user. “The Taylor wig is just cheap looking! It’s got to go!” replied another fan.
“Unfortunate that good actors have to wear bad wigs. They deserve better,” a commenter chimed in.
The Bold and the Beautiful fans arent’ the only ones who hate Taylor’s wig. In an interview with Bold Live, the actor talked about the criticism about the wig. “Everybody has been letting me know that I should get rid of the wig,” the actor joked.
Allen has her reason for opting to wear a wig. The actor had a short, blonde pixie cut before a stark contrast from Taylor’s signature dark locks. Allen didn’t have time to alter her real hair because she started filming a week after being cast in the role. “We didn’t have time, and I had to take my hair back from blonde to dark brown. We needed a little bit of time, so we thought, ‘Let’s do a wig! That’ll be great!’”
Taylor’s wig keeps getting worse on The Bold and the Beautiful. Recently, viewers noticed the hair color switched from brown to red. Allen admitted she and the hair department experimented with different looks, but it isn’t working out.
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But there’s good news for fans; the wig will be gone soon. Allen is growing her hair out and dyed it a darker shade. Viewers will be seeing the new hairdo in the new year. “It’ll be my hair. You guys will never have to look at a wig again…unless, you know, it’s for something else.”


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