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Fascinating 1980s pictures of Kent as you've never seen it before – Kent Live

Take a visual trip back in time through this amazing collection of photos
If someone was to give you a time machine and allow you to travel back to a certain period in your life, which era would you choose?
While the answers may vary quite a bit, we’re willing to bet that a large proportion of you would opt for some time in the 1980s.
That span of 10 years holds many of our dearest memories, whether we were a child growing up, a teenager/young adult have the time of our lives, or as an adult that may be welcoming in new members of the family.
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There are also many events in the wider news that get us reminiscing (although not always with a positive outlook), such as Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding in 1981, the Falklands War conflict and the miners’ strike following Margaret Thatcher’s landslide victory.
It was also the decade that brought us Channel 4, Pac-Man, CD players and the World Wide Web, while elsewhere the Berlin Wall was torn down at the end of the Cold War.
As for the music, artists to regularly top the charts included Michael Jackson, Culture Club, George Michael/Wham! and Band Aid (with Do They Know It’s Christmas?) while the middle of the decade also saw Live Aid take place.
The hairstyle during this era largely consisted of big teased hair and spiral perms while the fashion included baggy and oversized tops, leggings, high-waisted jeans, ripped and acid-washed denim, tight exercise clothing, headbands, shoulder pads, boxy silhouettes and large bold prints.
Our trip down memory lane has seen us pick out 15 photos that were taken in Kent in the ’80s, from celebrity appearances to political matters.
What are your favourite memories of the 1980s?
For beautiful, historic images from the past have a look at and see what you can discover.
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Bill Rogers, 29, from Texas, winning the 1981 Open golf championship at Sandwich
British Motorcycle road racer Barry Sheene taking part in his first serious workout with a Suzuki during a practice session at Brands Hatch
Buster Merryfield as Uncle Albert and David Jason as Derek Trotter during the filming of the Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special ‘The Jolly Boys’ Outing’ in Margate
Eric Morecambe and Tom Baker on location at Hever Castle, where they were making a comedy film
Arthur Scargill at the Ramsgate Miners Rally
Female members of the Greenham Common Peace Campaign, who had been in custody, leaving HM Borstal.
Pictured are three women campaigners with placards who were at the Borstal to greet their colleagues on their release
Prince Charles visiting the Royal School of Military Engineering at Chattenden Barracks near Rochester where he met soldiers of the Royal Engineers Corp
Scenes at Bembom Brothers White Knuckle Theme Park as it was known then (formerly known as Dreamland before revertising back to that name in 1990) in Margate.
Claire Kingett, Teresa Sims and Sandra Rixon were pictured on the Astroglide
The 1984 British Grand Prix, held at Brands Hatch, was won by Niki Lauda, with Derek Warwick 2nd and Ayrton Senna 3rd
South African wonder girl Zola Budd seen winning the 3000 metre race at Central Park in Dartford
An accident involving Jo Gartner and Philippe Alliot at the British Grand Prix
RNLI Dungeness Lifeboat Open Day.
The local minister is pictured saying a prayer for the lifeboat crew from the deck of their Rother class lifeboat ‘The RNLB Alice Upjohn’
A BBC Crew set dressing Modern Floral Services, 376 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, prior to filming a scene for the sitcom ‘Life Without George’
Beach scenes at Margate; windbreakers were the order of the day for those who ventured on to the open beach


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