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10 Looks These WWE Wrestlers Probably Regret – TheSportster

Most wrestlers go through significant transformations and unfortunately these WWE stars have looks they probably regret today.
Wrestlers often go through a lot of looks to land on one that they think works perfectly for them. Sometimes this leads to embarrassing situations for talents who can end up wearing a ridiculous piece of ring gear or putting together a bad hairstyle.
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There are times when the talent themselves make these decisions, which they can end up regretting. But there are other times when a company will force that to happen, whether it's for a one-off, a backstage segment, or a specific gimmick. These are looks that WWE wrestlers will wish had never happened, no matter what stage they have managed to reach in their careers.
Considering the gimmick that Becky Lynch pushes today as one of the top-tier talents in the company, she likely regrets her time as a Rosebud. The funky outfit that she wore here to fit in doesn't quite go along with the badass character she is today.
There is no chance that Becky would be heading to the ring in an outfit similar to this now. With face paint and a fancy headband. This look did suit the group, but it is one that The Man likely looks back upon with some regret overall.
Kevin Owens normally keeps his look fairly simple with a vest and shorts being something that he relies upon. However, something that fans didn't realize was important to him until it had disappeared was his facial hair, which he decided to remove when he became United States Champion.
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Fans weren't sure what to make of this look as it was something that didn't end up going down that well. There's a reason why KO quickly grew his beard back, as he is someone that just suits facial hair, which has since gotten even bigger than ever before as of late.
Ricochet is somebody that styles out being bald perfectly, with this being a look that suits him better than when he had hair. A lot of fans didn't see him before how he appears to this day, but there are images of him online for people to see.
The longer hair was in fashion within the wrestling world at that point when he was growing up, therefore it's obvious to see why he was doing that. However, it was an appearance that Ricochet likely does regret.
John Cena has had a pretty standard look throughout the majority of his WWE career, and it has always been fine. However, due to his movie projects, the legendary WWE Superstar has ended up having to grow his hair over the years.
At times, that has looked fine. However, at one point in his career that wasn't the case and it saw him draw comparisons to JBL. It wasn't a great look for one of WWE's best talents and that is something that he will regret.
Dolph Ziggler is somebody that fans are well aware of, mainly for his blonde hair. Whether it be short or long and curly, this is a look that he has made iconic for himself. However, for a brief period of time, the Show-Off decided to change it to brown.
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This was not a look that suited him and felt like it was being done because he had been told to do so. It wasn't something that ended up catching on. This period didn't feel authentic and that shone through to the fans, which is why Ziggler possibly regrets the change.
Dominik Dijakovic is a fantastic wrestler and he has always looked like a star inside the ring. Whether that be in WWE or Ring Of Honor, he was able to look great. That was until he was brought to the main roster and ended up involved with Retribution.
As if his T-Bar name was bad enough, the company made him look completely ridiculous. The mask and the face paint were like something out of a comic book. That isn't a look that suited him, with this being something he possibly regrets agreeing to in the first place.
Nowadays, WWE is presenting Omos as a major threat and someone who is set to have a solid run within the company. That is something he would likely want to continue, which is why his time as a ninja might be something Omos regrets doing.
He was the giant ninja that would appear with Akira Tozawa during that period of his career. However, this is a gimmick that Omos is likely hoping that most fans have either forgotten about or didn't know was him behind the mask.
Chad Gable is a legitimate athlete and someone with an Olympic pedigree. So the fact WWE threw him in basketball shorts and an outfit that made him look foolish was a shame to see. It didn't make him look like a Superstar, which is what WWE should be doing.
While this was Gable simply doing what the company wanted from him, that doesn't mean he won't regret the fact that it happened. There's a reason why this gimmick never caught on, and Gable is likely happy about that.
Nowadays, Drew McIntyre is seen as one of the main badasses within WWE. However, that wasn't always the case. His time as a member of 3MB saw him running around playing air guitar, which is something he could regret doing.
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It was a real low point of his career, which is why he ended up being released shortly after. He didn't look great in this role and nobody would have predicted that this talent would eventually become the WWE Champion.
The Miz has always been prepared to do whatever it takes to connect with a crowd and get a reaction from the fans. However, during his early run with the company, he looked ridiculous. It's not something that he would have been proud of now, with all of it being bad.
From his baggy ring gear to the Mohawk with blonde tints that he decided to rock. This wasn't a good look for him and couldn't be further away from what he is doing now with his suits and sleek appearances, and it is a positive that he decided to change.
The Miz has put together a Hall of Fame worthy career in WWE that will leave a legacy in the company.
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