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The Family Chantel: River Receives Fan Approval For Bold New Haircut – Screen Rant

Riverknight Everett is known for his signature big curls, but The Family Chantel star revealed that he finally shaved his hair off for a new look.
The Family Chantel star Chantel Jimeno might be known for her glamorous looks, but many viewers have been less than impressed with her younger brother Riverknight Everett’s wild hair. Riverknight, who is an aspiring rapper, often appears with large and unkempt hair that many viewers think does not suit his appearance. However, fans have praised the Atlanta-based rapper for his looks when he braids his hair so that it is not in his face. Riverknight just gave The Family Chantel fans what they asked for by finally shaving off his hair for a fresh look after his breakup.
Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno are currently dealing with issues with his family in the Dominican Republic on The Family Chantel season 3. Meanwhile, Riverknight faced problems of his own back in Atlanta. The youngest Everett sibling was dating Megan, an older woman from several hours away who had a child. Riverknight and Megan sat down on Monday night’s new episode and acknowledged that they are at different places in life. Though Riverknight really liked the aspiring model, he realized that he needed someone who could always be there for him. Meanwhile, as a mother, Megan simply had different priorities since she needed to put her son first.
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After his breakup aired on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show, Riverknight took to his Instagram, @iamriverknight, to reveal his new look in a series of photos. “Gotta walk light gotta stay above water💦,” he captioned the images, which featured him with buzzed hair for a radically different look than The Family Chantel viewers are used to. Many commenters previously called him “Sideshow Bob” for his large hair, so it was little surprise that many of his commenters loved his new look. “Wow!! You look great!!❤️,” his older sister Winter Everett wrote. Winter and Riverknight often write supportive comments to each other.  “The curls were 🔥 but you look really nice with short hair,” another fan chimed in.
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Things might seemingly be over with Megan and Riverknight, but it appeared that Riverknight has plenty of commenters who are interested in dating him as he received an outpouring of praise in over 500 comments. “You look so cuteeeeee❤️,” one person wrote. “Omg suits u so much u look sick 🙌,” another commenter gushed. Many commenters voiced their approval for Riverknight’s new hair, while some joked around since his hair previously was always in his face. “The hair is finally out of the eyes. 😂,” one commenter joked. “Yessss River. The 💇🏽‍♂️looks nice!” another fan wrote. Meanwhile, Riverknight also used the post as an opportunity to promote his music.
Many The Family Chantel viewers are enjoying the season 3 plot line that sees Pedro investigating who his father is and uncovering dark family secrets. Pedro’s journey feels real and raw and has captivated many fans of The Family Chantel. In contrast, few viewers were impressed by Riverknight and Megan’s relationship segments. Many fans felt as though Megan was faking affection for Riverknight in order to appear on TV and promote her own hopeful music career. Therefore few The Family Chantel viewers were sad to see Riverknight and Megan part ways.
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