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K-Pop idols often experiment with their hair. A new album for them means a new look, and even fans eagerly wait to check out what their favorite artists have for them in-store. Sometimes, these idols can go a step ahead and try out the wildest hair color.

The two-tone or half-and-half hair color look has been in trend for quite a few years. Many have tried and absolutely nailed it. Here are six male K-Pop idols who looked stunning in this hairstyle.

Taeyong (NCT)

This legendary ‘Shoto Todoroki’ hair color of Taeyong was featured in SuperM’s MV, 100. He really nailed it, I say!

Bobby (iKon)

iKon rapper Bobby decided to go bold! Quite the Cruella de Vil look but, of course, the adorable version of it.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Another one here, looking stunning in the black and platinum blonde hair color. G-Dragon often surprises fans with new hairstyles.


Taehyung surprised ARMYs with this two-toned hair in Idol MV. The colors went well with the music video’s theme.

Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

The Ateez member performed on ‘Kingdom’ sporting this stunning man-bun. A little different from the half-half style, this look of Wooyoung sent fans in a frenzy.

Taehyun (TXT)

MOAs call it the ‘half chocolate and half vanilla’ ice-cream look. In March, Taehyun surprised the fans as he shared pictures on Twitter with this new hairdo.
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G-Dragon & V KINGS!


GD & V…agree


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