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25 Best Shag Haircuts for Women in 2022 – The Trend Spotter

The Trend Spotter
Shag HaircutsShag Haircuts
Lovers of ’70s style, rejoice! The shag haircut is officially back. Best of all, the versatile cut suits a wide variety of hair types – from straight and fine to thick and curly – as well as in different lengths. If you’re tired of your standard blunt cut or simple soft layers, a shag is one of the easiest ways to transform your look, and its edgy attitude is practically guaranteed to get you noticed.
A shag haircut is a great way to add volume and texture to your short hair. The style is also known as a shaggy bob and has a timelessly chic vibe while still maintaining an edgy feel. A short shag haircut can be adapted to suit most face shapes, depending on the length of the bob haircut, the placement of the layers, and whether you add a fringe.
Short Shag HaircutShort Shag Haircut
While the classic shag haircut is usually seen on medium-length hair, long-haired ladies can also rock the layered look.  The layers add movement and dimension while taking some of the weight out, making a long shag haircut ideal for those with thicker hair. At the same time, the front layers will frame your face beautifully, so it doesn’t get lost in the ‘mass’ of your hair.
Long Shag HaircutLong Shag Haircut
Medium-length hair is classically suited to the shag haircut as all the layers frame and flatter your face. Low-maintenance and effortlessly cool, a medium shag haircut suits almost every face shape. Plus, it’s a versatile choice as it works for different hair types. Straight, fine hair in particular benefits from the added texture, volume, and movement of a shag – add a spritz of sea salt spray to give it that chic ‘undone’ finish.
Medium Shag HaircutMedium Shag Haircut
The modern shag haircut is a little more wearable than the classic ’70s version. It incorporates the shag’s signature choppy layers and fullness at the crown but is often cut with a razor to achieve a softer, more feminine vibe. Your stylist will also shape the cut so that it frames your face and balances out your features. The result is a fresh, youthful, and effortlessly chic haircut that can take you from day to night without any styling required.
Modern Shag HaircutModern Shag Haircut
The shag haircut is not just for straight-haired ladies – it also looks great on a full head of bouncy curls! If you’re a fan of the ‘70s look, a curly shag is an excellent option for you. While the layers are less visible than on straight or wavy hair, they will provide your curls with more movement and direction. At the same time, the shag haircut gives the hair more shape while taking out some of the ‘weight’ of the hair, so the curls don’t look like one ‘mass.’ Choose a hairdresser who specializes in cutting curly hair for the best results.
Curly Shag HaircutCurly Shag Haircut
One of the coolest styles for women is the wavy shag haircut. If your style leans more toward the retro, rock’n’roll side, or you’re just looking for the perfect cut for summer, move the wavy shag haircut to the top of your list. It is ideal for those with naturally wavy hair who want a low-maintenance and laidback look that’s still stylish and sexy. Whether your hair is short, medium-length, or long, this layered cut will flatter you.
Wavy Shag HaircutWavy Shag Haircut
The original shag haircut was on straight hair, so the layers are the most visible on ladies with this hair type. While straight hair can sometimes look flat or lifeless, a shag cut adds fullness and direction, breaking up the surface of the hair to create a cool textured finish. For that reason, a shag haircut also looks great on fine hair. Pair your straight hair shag with wispy bags for extra cool points.
Straight Hair ShagStraight Hair Shag
Step back in time with a ’70s shag haircut! It has a slightly more masculine feel than the modern shag haircut, as well as having more volume at the crown and less in the ends. Ideal for ladies who love a cool, androgynous look, a ’70s shag has a relaxed vibe and a retro appeal. Plus, if you’re a fan of fashion inspired by this decade, you can complete your look with an era-appropriate hairstyle.
70s Shag Haircut70s Shag Haircut
Bangs are a great addition to many haircuts, including the shag. They help frame the face and make a hairstyle more flattering, balancing out different features, such as a pointed chin, or minimizing a broad forehead. Heart-shaped and square faces can benefit from curtain bangs and a shaggy lob or bob, while round faces can try a wispier, piece-y fringe with a medium-length or long shag.
Shag Haircut With BangsShag Haircut With Bangs
Because of its added volume and texture, a shag haircut can be an excellent choice for women over 50. That is because hair often thins over time, losing some of its body and thickness. At the same time, layers can be cut to frame and flatter the face, shaped to bring out the cheekbones and cover fine lines. Plus, if you are over 50, a shag haircut could recapture your fun memories and refresh your style, as well as revive the cool spirit of the ’70s.
Shag Haircut For Women Over 50Shag Haircut For Women Over 50
When teamed with blonde hair, a shag haircut brings to mind iconic rock stars like Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks. It has an undeniably edgy and rebellious feel – perfect for those with a wild sense of style and an independent spirit. Plus, if you’re looking to bleach your hair to a very light blonde, a shag haircut could be an excellent choice for disguising any damage such as split ends.
Blonde Shag HaircutBlonde Shag Haircut
Brunettes looking for a new hairstyle that will change their look should consider a shag haircut. Because it has so much movement, direction, and texture, the cut pairs perfectly with brown hair with highlights. While its choppy layers will show off the dimension of your color – from chestnut to a deep coffee brown – it will also stop your hair from looking like one flat, solid mass, which can be an issue with darker colors.
Brown Shag HaircutBrown Shag Haircut
Black hair always makes a dramatic statement, just like a shag haircut. If your black hair doesn’t have highlights, the choppy layers will help give your mane movement and stop it from looking like a ‘hair helmet.’ If you decide to add highlights, the flowing, dynamic look of a shag haircut makes the lighter pieces pop. Ask your stylist to concentrate the highlights around your face and at the mid-lengths for a flattering finish.
Black Hair Shag HaircutBlack Hair Shag Haircut
If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give yourself a hair transformation with a super fresh cut and color? From rose gold hair color to strawberry and wine, ginger, copper, and dark auburn, there is a gorgeous red shade out there for you. Red hair always attracts attention, so it’s perfect for those wanting to make a dramatic statement. When paired with a shag haircut, your new color is bound to turn heads for all the right reasons.
Red Hair Shag HaircutRed Hair Shag Haircut
For those wanting to try the e-girl hair trend, a pink shag haircut is a gorgeous option.  The edgy, choppy layers of the cut contrast beautifully with the soft and feminine color. From pastel rose to bold fuchsia, choose a hue of pink that flatters your skin tone and eye color. For extra e-girl points, have your stylist add a ‘money piece’ – that is, chunky blonde highlights that frame your face.
Pink Hair Shag HaircutPink Hair Shag Haircut
The shag is a versatile haircut that looks good on various hair types and can be adapted in many ways. The choppy layers add texture and can help frame your face and draw attention to your features. Plus, the style also lends itself well to color. One of the most gorgeous coloring techniques is the balayage hairstyle. It is a way to make your hair lighter in a more natural way. Balayage involves painting highlights onto the hair, and the seamless blending of color adds dimension and gives your hair a lift. It can also help highlight the layers of your cut and make your hair look healthy and sunkissed.
Shag Haircut With Balayage For WomenShag Haircut With Balayage For Women
Nothing is boring about the shag, and its choppy layers are interesting and help to create volume.  If you are a woman who likes to express herself and wants a fun and simple way to do this, embrace a punk shag haircut. This is an excellent option without being too in-your-face and will lend itself well to various settings. You can style it in such a way to suit your personality, whether this is with bold and bright colored highlights. Or run a styling mousse through the hair to make the layers even more noticeable and slightly spiky. This is the ultimate option for a cool girl.
Punk Shag Hairstyle For WomenPunk Shag Hairstyle For Women
One of the best things about the shag haircut is its versatility, and women of various hair textures can wear it. The cut is highly adaptable, including for women with thin hair. The key is to limit the layers, though, as too many may highlight the thinness of your hair. Work with your hairstylist to find a subtle approach to this 70s classic that boosts the volume of your hair and adds dimension and movement. It may also be worth considering hair extensions, as these can increase the fullness and make your hair appear thicker.
Shag Haircut For Thin Hair For WomenShag Haircut For Thin Hair For Women
The classic shag is a heavily layered haircut defined by its choppy appearance. This can be beneficial for women with thick hair as the layers can remove weight from thicker textures, leaving you with gorgeous hair full of movement. It is also easier to manage and style. Women with thicker hair should also opt for a longer cut, and a medium-length or long shag is ideal. The fringe around the face will frame it and highlight your best features; this can also be incredibly flattering. Add in a bit of styling mousse to enhance the texture of your hair, and enjoy the attention you will receive!
Shag Hairstyle For Thick Hair For WomenShag Hairstyle For Thick Hair For Women
If you are looking for a chic haircut that works on women of all ages, hen there are very few better options than the shag. The cut was first popular in the 70s, created by barber Paul McGregor, but has come back because of its versatility. The choppy layers can be worn on various hair textures and adapted to suit different lengths, fringes, and coloring. It is a look that helps add texture and volume to your hair, which is great for older women as the hair naturally thins when we age, and the growth rate slows. The shag can suit almost anyone and can help achieve a youthful appearance with the face-framing layers.
Shag Haircut For Women Over 60 For Women Shag Haircut For Women Over 60 For Women
One way to ensure you stand out from the crowd is by dying your hair a bright orange hue. It is a color that is hard to miss and will highlight your cut but also demand attention. This is the perfect way to express yourself and a natural pairing with the shag because it is a cut that has long been a favorite look among rockers and fashionistas. The choppy layered finish produces volume and texture but also has an edgy feel to it. You can adapt the cut to suit your hair texture and face shape and play around with the length of your fringe; keep it short and subtle, or longer and more dramatic. This is a look that will take some confidence to pull off but will make you feel great!
Bright Orange Shag Haircut For WomenBright Orange Shag Haircut For Women
The original shag of the 70s was defined by its layers that gave the hair plenty of movement, but this classic also inspires more modern approaches. If you have natural hair with an interesting curl pattern, you can layer it in this way. This helps remove some weight from the hair but still allows for movement and dimension. It also helps achieve a softer, more feminine look. The shag is gorgeous on natural hair, and the way it falls around your face will be incredibly flattering. It can be challenging to maintain curly hair, and it can be time-consuming to style. So, opting for a short or medium-length cut can help tame your curls while still defining them.
Shag Haircut On Natural HairShag Haircut On Natural Hair
The beauty of the shag is that it is surprisingly versatile and can be adapted to suit hair of all textures and most face shapes. This includes allowing you to experiment with different colors and techniques. The split dye trend has a grunge feel and is the perfect option for those who want to have some fun with their hair. The method sees you dye your hair in two different colors, split directly in the middle of the head. Or you can dye just one side and keep the other natural, depending on how dramatic you want it to look. This is an expressive way to wear your hair and show the world that you are a woman who doesn’t like to conform or wants to have fun. For a more subtle approach, opt for colors that complement each other, for example, dark blue and black.
Split Dye Shag Haircut For WomenSplit Dye Shag Haircut For Women
The shag hairstyle is created with choppy layers and fullness at the crown. It can be cut on various hair textures and adapted to different lengths and face shapes. One of the most appealing things about the shag is the messy appearance it achieves. It is a look full of movement and texture but also has a very fashionable yet relaxed aesthetic. To create a contrast, you can opt for blunt bangs with your shag. The fringe is cut across the face and has a very structured appearance. Blunt bangs can make your hairstyle more interesting, and the difference between the layers and the fullness of the fringe is cool. The bangs will highlight your face and can complement your best features, namely your eyes and lips. It can also create a more youthful appearance by hiding any fine lines or wrinkles on the forehead.
Blunt Bangs With Shag Hairstyle For WomenBlunt Bangs With Shag Hairstyle For Women
What is not to love about the shag? In addition to being incredibly versatile and highly adaptable to hair of all lengths and textures, it can also be modified to suit your personality and fashion sense. For those who want something different, add a few colorful highlights to your cut. They are a fun way to add color to your appearance, draw attention to the cut, and add to the dimension. Choose face-framing streaks for a 90s-vibe, or release your inner punk rocker chick with bold colors throughout. There are many options, so work with your hairstylist to find the look that best suits you and your hair texture.
Shag Hairstyle With Colorful Highlights For WomenShag Hairstyle With Colorful Highlights For Women
The shag is one of the most iconic haircuts out there. Invented in the 1970s by barber Paul McGregor for Hollywood A-lister Jane Fonda, it has become synonymous with that rock’n’roll decade due to its edgy, artistic, and deliberately messy look. While there are many different variations on the shag, they all feature the same layered finish. Today’s modern shag haircut is all about choppy texture and an effortless cool-girl vibe.
If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and either your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to dry the hair and keep your natural wave pattern in the finished style. For extra fullness, bend over at the waist and dry the hair from the underside. This will give you maximum lift and fullness in the natural wave pattern.
A modern shag haircut is a wearable update from the original ’70s version – think less glam rock, and more Paris chic. While it retains the classic cut’s choppy layers and fullness at the crown, the overall effect is softer and more feminine, rather than edgy and androgynous. The layers are often cut with a razor and positioned to flatter your face’s natural shape. While it keeps shag cut’s iconic messy texture, it has a more put-together and sophisticated yet carefree feel. 
When you visit a salon to get a shag haircut, ask your stylist for a heavily layered, choppy cut with plenty of movement. You should also request volume at the crown, sliced ends, and soft bangs, with a ‘lived in’ or textured finish. It’s important to take into account the natural texture, curl pattern, and thickness of your hair, as well as your face shape, when trying a shag cut for the first time. Ask your stylist for their advice on where the layers should end, how thick your bangs should be, and where they should fall. And as always, if in doubt, bring a photo!
Also known as a shaggy bob, a short shag haircut is on-trend right now – and luckily, it couldn’t be easier to style. Ensure there is plenty of volume by applying a small amount of mousse to the crown of your head, focusing on the roots. Then, allow your hair to air dry or loosely blowdry it on a cool setting using a diffuser. The final result will be a messy, textured hairstyle that shows off your hair’s natural movement. 
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