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Dilip Joshi Lauds His Daughter's Decision Of Flaunting Her Greys –

Popular television actor Dilip Joshi’s daughter Niyati Joshi’s wedding was raw, emotional, and inspiring in the truest sense. Her decision to not cover up her greys on her wedding day has earned plaudits from all over and for all the right reasons. 

Credit: The Grape Studio, Instagram
Niyati’s bridal looks flaunting her grey like a boss has added a whole new meaning to what ‘being comfortable in your own skin’ actually means. 
Talking about her decision, Dilip told the Times Of India, “Keeping her grey hair as it is at her wedding was never an issue for us. We didn’t even imagine that people would react like this. It was never a point of discussion in our house. Jo jaisa hai woh waisa hi theek hai. Everyone reacted in such a positive way and I was happy to see that she has inspired others. I think this is how we should be; we present ourselves the way we are rather than putting on a mask.”
Adding further, he said, “Initially, when people started talking about her, she was taken aback as she likes to keep a low profile. But social media is something that we can’t control. Anyway, it was a positive thing and we were fine with it. If this is something that has inspired people, then that’s great.”
Credit: The Grape Studio, Instagram
Needless to say, Niyati has set an exemplary example of body positivity which is inspiring for every bride, every woman out there. Her bridal look sends the message out and loud—Be real, be you! 
And, most importantly, greys are nothing to be ashamed of and not let anyone tell you otherwise. Just be your usual confident self on your big day and remember your greys are also a part of the package deal. They don’t make you look old, they make you look confident and like yourself.
Credit: The Grape Studio, Instagram
And to see her dad second her decision and laud her for spreading the right message just makes us cheer for the beautiful daddy-daughter duo more. In a society that constantly tries to school women on how they should look and behave, a dad supporting his daughter’s bold decision is revolutionary by all means. We all deserve dads like Dilip Joshi!
Lead Image Credit: The Grape Studio, Instagram
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