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Trendy hairstyles to rock this 2022 – GMA News Online

Want to kick off 2022 with a brand new look?
Freelance hair stylist Arci Barcenas just shared some of the year's trendy hairstyles on "Unang Hirit."
For ladies, here are some ideas:
1. 90s Layer
This old style is making a comeback!
According to Arci, this classic look is perfect for all face shapes. The style is great for adding volume in the hair and framing the face.
2. Bob Cut
Short hair, don't care!
The ever versatile bob is still in this 2022.
Arci said this style works with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces, and works with either short or long hair.
3. Bangs
Bangs are forever trendy, so you might want to try it out this year if you want a border look.
This is perfect for those with oval faces.
It also works for those who are conscious about their foreheads!
Gentlemen, if you want to try out a new look, below are some ideas for you.
4. Textured Short Hair
This style is good for any face shape.
If you're aiming for a natural and messy look, this is the perfect haircut for it!
5. Classic Side Part Slicked
This style gives the illusion that a face is longer than it is.
It is also great for a professional and business setting as it is very smart and clean.
6. Short Side-Swept Fringe
For an everyday look, you can go with the Short Side-Swept Fringe.
Arci said this is a very cool and classic Asian do.
7. High Bald Fade with Cropped Fringe
This is also called the French Crop.
Ever timeless, it even works for formal events.
Additionally, it's very easy to maintain! —JCB, GMA News


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