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K-Pop Female Idols Who Looked Gorgeous in Two-Toned Hair – allkpop



After checking out the best half and half hair color on male K-Pop idols, we are here with a list of female K-Pop idols who looked gorgeous in the two-toned hair. These ladies do not shy away from trying the most unusual hair color.

Some of these looks are just out of this world beautiful. Here are the top female K-Pop idols who looked amazing in their two-toned hair.

Sana (Twice)

One of the top looks of Sana; fans were in love with this hairstyle. This is how she arrived at Music Bank back in March 2017.


For MAMAMOO‘s “Hip” MV, Solar decided to go bold. She came with a two-toned outfit and matching hair.


The heartthrob of the K-Pop industry, IU dyed the bottom half of her hair, hot pink for the music video of ‘Palette.’


Blackpink member Lisa was seen with this half blonde, and bluish highlights look at an award show. Her hair goes well with the outfit.

Red Velvet

The group made its debut in 2014, and all the members (Irene, Seulgi Joy, and Wendy) sported this half-dyed look.

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

In this purplish-blue hair, Taeyeon had all eyes on her. She has tried many hairstyles and colors, but this one is undoubtedly a front-runner.

Nakyung (fromis_9)

Nakyung went all out with half pink and half bluish-grey hair. Both light colors complimented each other well: the perfect half and half hair.
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C’mon man, Lisa looks like she’s wearing a wig with mold in it, Solar looks like a Halloween costume, you can’t praise everything.


so in other world all popular girl groups that had multi-colored hair? Why such unoriginal articles? I expected more data about kpop(useful data, not another “milestone” of views or streams by BTS and BLACKPINK) from a site like this


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