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16 Best Edge Control Products to Ensure Your Baby Hairs Stay in Place – Yahoo Lifestyle

Whether you’re styling hair into a low bun, high ponytail, or braids, there’s one thing you must do to pull the entire hairstyle together—style those baby hairs! That’s where the best edge control products come into play. To create those artsy swoops, swirls, and slick-looking wisps, you’ll need to use the right edge control tools to get a natural finish.
“Edge control’s goal is to smooth and slick down the strands along your hairline. As well as control flyaways,” says celebrity hairstylist and African Pride ambassador Arrogant Tae, whose clients include Nicki Minaj. While it may seem similar to a hair gel, it’s important to note that edge control is not typically used in the same way as a gel. “The biggest difference between edge control and a styling gel is that it has a lot less liquid,” Tae explains. Since edge control is designed for slicking down the hair, its texture is often thicker and stickier, which allows it to secure the strands into place.

“I love that edge control allows you to find time and add details to your hairstyles,” says Ashley Lee, Bronx-based natural hair stylist and texture expert in New York City. “It can give a hairstyle flair or make it look extra slick and clean. I enjoy the variety it gives and how it can be used differently from client to client.”

Ahead, find the best edge control products that will keep your locks looking sleek and neat, according to stylists. And don’t forget to grab a fine-toothed comb or edge brush, to lay every strand into place.
Style Factor
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“This is one of my favorite edge controls because it’s conditioning, gives great control for my natural hair clients, and it doesn’t revert the hair while incorporating them into the style,” says Lee.
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“This product helps to build and repair your locks while giving the strands a sleek finish,” says celebrity hairstylist, Larry Sims, whose clients include Gabrielle Union. The formula also includes a slew of nourishing ingredients like biotin, passion fruit seed, and acai palm oil.
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“This is a great product that can be used in many scenarios. It’s great for use on ponytails and offers hold without reversion. This product also cocktails well with holding sprays without creating residue,” says Lee.
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“This is long-lasting and provides maximum hold. It shapes well for more exaggerated edge control art and adds drama to your style,” says Lee. It also has a non-flaking formula, so you won’t have to worry about it turning white and flaky, when it dries down.
African Pride
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“I love African Pride’s Olive Miracle Super Hold & Smooth Edges product because of its key ingredients: olive oil and tea tree oil. The olive oil seals in moisture and helps prevent breakage while the tea tree oil helps protect and condition the scalp and hair,” says Tae.
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Arcani Coil Care
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“This edge control is great for 4c hair types. The hold is really strong and works great for clients that may sweat a lot,” says Iasia Hawkins, a licensed hairstylist/braider based in Brooklyn. Its formula is water-based and vegan, meaning there are no harsh chemicals used. The brand also notes that it can last three to five days without having to reapply the product.
Mielle Organics
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“This is one product that has hair health in mind. It has a great fragrance and strengthening factors built-in to keep your hair’s integrity,” explains Lee. Its key ingredient is biotin, which encourages hair growth and strengthens the more delicate strands around the hairline.
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With a 4.5-star rating and over 2,600 rave reviews, this edge control gel deserves a spot in your haircare lineup. The formula is non-flaky or sticky, and it works to hold the locks down in a place with a shiny finish. It can also be used to spike the hair and smooth out tapered cuts.
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she is bomb collection
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“This one is my personal favorite,” says Hawkins. “This edge control has great hold and will last most of the day without much reapply or any at all.” Its formula is also non-greasy and won’t leave behind any sticky residue.
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This has firm bristles that smooth down the hairline,” says Sims. “The pointy tip is perfect for defining edges,” he adds. It’s also a 3-in-1 tool and features a mini comb and brush that’s great for creating swoops or swirls with your baby hairs.
Red by Kiss
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“It’s essential to keep your baby hairs in place while protecting them with the moisture from a satin wrap,” says Sims. And this scarf is made out of a silky satin-like material that won’t pull or tug on the hairs. It’s also breathable and super stretchy, allowing it to be styled in various ways.
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We love everything about this Curls control paste. It smells delicious and helps sculpt the hair easily. The formula is infused with vitamins A, B5, C, and E, allowing your strands to get all the nourishment they may need. It’s also very effective at smoothing down the hair on kinker curl types, including 3A to 4C.
The Mane Choice
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If you like your hair products to make your strands look super shiny, this pick may interest you. It’s made with a blend of vitamins and essential nutrients like vitamin E, C, and D. The formula will work to smooth down the edges of your hair, while supporting natural hair growth and retention.
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Cantu is a drugstore favorite, and their edge tamer will quickly become a must-have on your haircare list. Crafted with a flake-free formula, it includes cocoa butter, castor oil, and jojoba oil, which work together to nourish the locks and provide a shiny finish. It also works great for taming flyaways and frizz.
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ORS Olive Oil
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This clear gel provides a firm hold while delivering shine and hydration. We love that it contains almond oil, wheat protein, and olive oil. It’s no wonder why this gel can be found in natural hair medicine cabinets around the world!
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“This is a great pomade that doubles as an edge control,” says Lee. “It offers a matte finish with great control, enabling a clean finish that looks natural and effortless.”
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