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I hang from my hair as a circus act & people always ask how I’m not bald – this is the haircare routine I s… – The Sun

AN INCREDIBLE circus performer has revealed how she is able to hang from her hair without it falling out and her routine for taking care of it.
Sylphie Ariella, from San Fransisco, has been training in the circus arts since the age of 10, where she joined the San Francisco Circus Center.
Sylphia, who is now based in Berlin, specialises in aerial contortion, but there is one skill set she has that people cannot stop talking about on her TikTok account, which is hair hanging.
Hair hanging is when performers are suspended in the air by their hair whilst performing acrobatic poses and manipulation.
She has been performing professionally for 15 years and began to train in the art of hair hanging at Sala Charivari in Madrid five years ago, where she fell in love with the discipline.
Users on TikTok were blown away by Sylphia's routines but people often ask her how she has not gone bald from doing it and whether it hurts.
Sylphia explained that hair hanging feels like thousands of bees are stinging your scalp, but that some days the pain is worse than others.
People are constantly asking Sylphia to share her hair routine to keep her hair strong and healthy, which she demonstrated in a video for her followers.
She first gives herself a scalp massage using a hair oil and flips her head upside down whilst doing it to stimulate blood flow to her scalp.
Sylphia then uses the Garnier hair food conditioning mask on her entire head and leaves it in for an hour.
She uses Jean and Len's long hair shampoo and conditioner to wash her hair, the final step is to use their leave-in conditioner spray.
Sylphia also said she does not use heat or hair dye on her hair to prevent breakage and washes her hair once a week.
Whilst the act can cause pain, she said the more she practices the less painful it does become for her scalp.
Sylphia said many people tell her she will go bald, a receding hairline, or get traction alopecia from performing hair hanging and explained to users a similar thing happens just by wearing a ponytail.
She explained that because her hair is sat directly on top of her head when hair hanging it doesn't pull the front of the scalp so she won't get a receding hairline as the weight is distributed evenly.
She said that on top of that, she only does hair hanging for a maximum of ten minutes a day and that she keeps her hair loose at all other times to make sure her scalp and hair have a rest.
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