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Woman with ‘receding hairline’ shares the £2 product she claims made her hair thick and bouncy again… – The Sun

THERE ARE many reasons your hairline can get damaged, from dying your hair to putting it up in a slicked-back ponytail.
It can knock your confidence, but one woman has revealed how she reversed the effects using one product in particular.
TikTok user, Taylor Rose shared the video to her account where it has gone viral with over one million views.
Taylor who is believed to be from the US has shared and documented her journey of hair regrowth and often shares her tips with followers.
She has sworn by Rosemary oil to help aid her hair regrowth, which you can buy for as little as £2 on Amazon.
In one video, Taylor demonstrated to users how she uses the magical oil every single day without her hair becoming greasy.
She captioned the video: "This is my exact routine right now! & ITS WORKING. Repeat Sunday/Monday steps for any hair wash days!"
Taylor explained: "I use rosemary oil throughout the week for hair growth, especially right here (near the front of hairline), and as you can see my bald spots are going away.
"Every Sunday night I take this Mielle rosemary oil all over my head and massage it in for around three minutes sleep on it and put a silk cap on and go to bed.
"Monday is my hair wash day and I then take a rosemary essential oil and put three to five drops in my palm with shampoo and shampoo my hair like normal.
"Boom, done.
"Every other night of the week I take my homemade rosemary oil water, part my hair and spray it over my whole scalp, massage it in and go to bed.
"When I wake up my hair is not greasy."
In another video, she revealed how she made her rosemary oil water, she simply takes five sprigs of fresh rosemary and puts them in a pan with water, and lets it boil.
She then leaves the rosemary to steep for around 30 minutes and pours it into a spray bottle and leaves it in the fridge to use throughout the week.
Users loved Taylor's tips and some agreed how helpful rosemary was in promoting hair growth, one wrote: "sis! I started just using it on my scalp a few weeks ago. and now I see new baby hairs coming in. had a baby last year so much hair loss."
"Yah! I make my own Rosemary water and after a week and a half I’m seeing new growth!" Exclaimed another user.
A third person wrote: "I use this every single time I shower! I wash my hair normally and do a last rinse with the rosemary! It works WONDERS!"
Whilst many users claimed it also worked for them, some skin can be irritated by rosemary oil and it's important to remember it may not work for some.
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Woman with ‘receding hairline’ shares the £1 product to make her hair thick
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